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Filing Late?

It happens to the best of us–April 15 (or 17th as it was this year) comes and goes without filing a tax return or extension.  Even for those that file an extension, October 15 often comes and goes without filing

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Business Meals Still Deductible

I don’t know about other tax professionals but the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) gave me a run for my money during the holiday season last year as I tried to get up to speed on all the tax

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Filing Status Part 3 of 3

Thanks for hanging in there for filing status part 3 of 3!  This part deals with Head of Household (HOH) which at face value should be another simple filing status to understand but from my experience can get a little

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Filing Status Part 2 of 3

To quote one of my all-time favorite movies The Princess Bride (must read with an intoned lisp), “Marriage, marriage is what brings us together today.” What brings us to part 2 of 3 for filing status are the filing statuses

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Filing Status Part 1 of 3

Besides your name, address, Social Security number, and if you want to donate to the presidential election campaign (who really even looks at that?) the first thing to mark on the 1040 Individual Income tax return is filing status.  What

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Supreme Court Sales Tax Decision

I might be dating myself a little here but ever since I started learning tax law (you know like back in the stone age when Amazon had yet to turn a profit and Google wasn’t a verb) the 1992 Quill

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