“My biggest fear with switching accountants was learning to trust a new person and to explain our tax information again,  Alicia made it so easy and convenient that I cannot believe I was so apprehensive.  Alicia is professional, knowledgeable, efficient and friendly!  We highly recommend her and will be using her services again!”

~Erica B.

“We had always prepared our own taxes, even with several rental properties.  But preparing on our own quickly grew out of our comfort zone after adding a property sale, a couple of LLCs, and an investing partner.  Our first year, we initially tried a bigger (and much more expensive) firm, but were disappointed in the value and felt that the fee we paid was not offset by any gain in our return.  Then we met Alicia.  Alicia tackled our taxes the following year with confidence and was extremely patient and helpful in answering any questions.  She made the entire process easy and painless.  If you are considering someone to prepare your taxes, I would definitely recommend talking with Alicia!”

~Nancy D.

“My greatest fear for my 2014 taxes was that I was going to owe a lot of money.  However, after talking to Alicia and her doing some amazingly quick calculations in her mind, she let me know that it wasn’t going to be as bad as I thought it was.  That alone took a lot of the anxiety out of getting my taxes done. My favorite part was how easy it was.  The hardest part was really on my side, which was getting all of the pertinent documents together.  After that, I dropped them off and they were done the following day, all I had to do was sign.

A friend of mine was behind on his taxes because of multi-state returns.  He was having a hard time finding an accountant that seemed to know what they were talking about AND could explain it to him so that he would understand.  I had told my friend that Alicia was good….like REALLY good.  I told him that she knew exactly what the tax implications of my particular situation were  and she was able to calculate what my tax liability would be, right off the top of her head.  That’s what I look for in an accountant.  Some accountants will tell you whatever you want to hear just to get you as a client, but Alicia told me the truth.  She ran a few scenarios for me to see what was the best way to minimize my liability and this was all just during the consultation.  Anyway, she was able to help him out as well and he was completely happy with his returns as well.  Next year I’ll be recommending that my brother use her as well.  I can’t say enough about how good she was.”

~Barbara J.

“After I was referred to Alicia from a colleague of mine and since I did not want to drive back to Boulder as I had done in the past few years because that’s where my wife’s business tax accountants offices were I had sent Alicia an email.  Upon arriving at her house she met me at the door with a smile and a hand shake.

We sat only for a few minutes as she gathered all of my tax information.  I left thinking that it would be a month or so before I would hear back from her in regards to my taxes.  Less than 2 weeks later I was told that my taxes were done and I could come by and pick them up any time.

Alicia not only did my taxes in a very timely manner she went above and beyond to find me all of the deductions that I was entitled to.  I would recommend Alicia to anybody because of her knowledge, professionalism and the fact that she got me a big return!”

~Brenden H.

“My favorite part of the tax preparation process is how Alicia comes to our home to pick up our tax items, and then delivers them when she is finished.  Having gone to other businesses in the past was quite challenging trying to keep our three boys occupied and entertained while waiting for our taxes to be prepared.  Having Alicia come to our home has eliminated that problem.”

~Jessica B.